About Us

Labelle Makeup Brand Story



Who we are…

Created to bring innovative and on trend products to the beauty junkies and makeup gurus of the UK, at Labelle makeup we enable you to get your hands on quality products designed to create the latest looks, at an affordable price.



Where we started…

Labelle was born out of love and passion for makeup, and what makeup enables us to do. Applied to reflect our mood, personality and personal style, enhance confidence and draw attention to the features, when it comes to makeup the possibilities are endless. We love just how great a new matte lipstick can make you feel, or how a new eye palette can make the colour of your eyes pop. Makeup is such a personal thing, but at Labelle we provide on trend products to suit your unique style, and encourage you to embrace your individuality and experiment with the latest looks.


Our promise to you…

We pride ourselves in bringing innovative products to you, enabling you to create your perfect makeup look with that important personal touch. We specalise in colour cosmetics and celebrate diversity, providing a variety of shades to suit all skin tones. Striving to bring you products to create on trend looks, we are one step ahead of the game, ensuring we can offer you the latest shades, textures and finishes at just the right time.

We encourage you to experiment and have fun with your look. Our tools and makeup products allow you to do just that, with long lasting finishes and quality ingredients that provides a look that will do you proud all day long.


Browse our latest collections, from matte liquid lipsticks and highly pigmented eyeshadows, to luxury and affordable brushes and don’t forget to bookmark our site.